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Origami Jewelry

Most of you realize that I’m a jewelry designer.  I love making  jewelry and I have a store on Etsy to sell my designs.  S why would I want to learn origami?  What good would origami do me?  As much as I like learning new ways tpo create things, origami also has a place in jewelry making.  Check out these two stores to see how simple origami can become a treasured piece of jewelry.

Useful Origami

Allegro Arts

Gabe’s Necklace

A round donut of obsidian stone wrapped in metallic red wire in a design similar to a firework on a braided cord of black cord and red wire.Gabe is another character my sister created for her story, which I talked about in my last post on Serianna.  As my sister put it, “he is the “conflicted Conquerer”…he is strong and stubborn and determined.”  He was raised to be an evil king but likes a lot of people who are good.  He winds up falling in love with one of the characters but has to walk away in order to save his love from the darkness inside his family.  A teenager torn between wanting to please his family and wanting to please the girl he likes is definitely conflicted.

Gabe’s element is fire and my sister wanted a volcanic stone with “golden red accents” so I found this obsidian donut stone and metallic red wire.  It’s dangling on a braid of black kangaroo cord and red metallic wire.