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Origami Jewelry

Most of you realize that I’m a jewelry designer.  I love making  jewelry and I have a store on Etsy to sell my designs.  S why would I want to learn origami?  What good would origami do me?  As much as I like learning new ways tpo create things, origami also has a place in jewelry making.  Check out these two stores to see how simple origami can become a treasured piece of jewelry.

Useful Origami

Allegro Arts

Origami Lilies

14 origami lilies of different colors and shades on a white table

My Easter Lilies

I finally finished those origami flowers I started Easter weekend.  Remember that post I wrote saying that I wanted to brighten up my house with flowers for spring and than only got a few done by Monday?  I partially folded precut origami paper into a number of origami lilies and then they sat in a box next to my bed for months.  This week I finally decided to finish them all and make a few more.  It’s interesting to me that once I got a few lilies done I started to feel comfortable with them and decided to make a few more than my original stash of partially finished flowers.  I would definitely not call myself an expert on the folding (many of my creations still come up uneven or oddly twisted like the red flower in front) but I would say I’m ready for my next origami figure.

    I think that my favorite flower is the shimmery blue one.  It was made of stiffer paper so it was easier to fold.  I figured that thicker paper would be harder to fold but it kept its shape well whereas the usual thin paper had no problem refolding to adjust to newer folds which would screw up the final product.A single light blue sparkly origami lily on a white countertop