A clay mermaid sculpture, unpainted, on blue paperA few months ago I decided to buy some clay in a local craft store to see how it felt and to practice for more expensive polymer clay, which was the original goal for my clay works.  I thought that creating cay beads with polymer clay would be a good way to make pendants when I can’t find any I like.

Like the origami paper and books I stared at for a few months, my clay has just been sitting on my shelf taunting me so I finally decided to make something.  But what to make?  Earlier that day I had picked up a magazine for modern mermaids (interesting life choice but awesome pictures) and decided a mermaid would be a pretty thing to test out my clay on.  I had picked up a mold for a clay doll from Micheal’s Craft Store while I was home for Christmas this past season.  I used that to create the head, torso, and arms as well as a size indicator for the fin.  Before the clay dried I inserted a long wire to work as a spine and hold her up when I set her up to sun herself on a clay stone in the middle a clay ocean.  Once I have the parts together, I’ll take the sculpting knives and add detail before painting the whole sculpture and posting it for the world to see.  Unfortunately that won’t be any time in the near future as my work has me away from my sculpting tools for a while.  However, I wanted to show you my first attempt at sculpting and see what you thought.

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