Three flowers made of pink crepe paper petals and green pipe cleaners.I had great hopes for my Easter weekend.  I had hoped to make a lot of origami flowers and have my place look nice and spring-like.  Instead I watched a few movies and tried to figure out the origami lily since my internet was down.  I got a number of flowers halfway done but couldn’t finish the rest of the flower.  Then I turned to a set I picked up to make roses our of mesh paper.  The first “rose” I made, the top one, had petals too short to look remotely like a flower, the second one I made, the bottom flower, turned out better but not as good as I hoped.  By then I had realized the pattern I had for the mesh flower was similar to a pattern I’d used years before to make crepe paper flowers for Easter as a kid and I made the big flower in the middle.  By then I had gotten annoyed at my idea and stopped working on flowers to enjoy the rest of my Easter Sunday and be ready for work the next day.

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