I started this step of my polymer clay faerie project with the armature done.  The next step pf the project was to cover the foil and wire with previously conditioned and mixed flesh-tone clay.  A human female figure kneeling with skin-colored clay from the neck down and wings coming from her back.  Her neck is a piece of wire and her head is a ball of aluminum foil.I got the flesh colored skin on the armature from the neck down before I had to stop the project for a while.  My next step will be to create the head and face or to create the detail of the skin such as the hands and feet and elbows.  Once both of those are done I’ll be able to bake the figure and create her dress and jewelry before I start working on the rest of the scene.  I have her on the small pie tray because it will be what I bake her on in my small oven.  Since she is now mostly covered in clay, it will be easier to leave her on one surface to work with than to keep moving her around, possibly smudging details as I go.

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