Summer has finally arrived and I am excited. A gray cat with a white stomach, green bead eyes, and wire whiskers eyes me curiously from my palm. Since classes are done, I have time to practice my polymer clay techniques.  I’ll be traveling a lot over the next few months so in the beginning of June I have to say goodbye to my polymer clay oven and leave most of my craft supplies behind.  Therefore I plan to make as much as I can to practice and use up my spare clay.  The first attempt to create something was this cat.  I used Christie Friesen‘s cat tutorial book to help me with the face (that’s the book in the background).  I had planned it as a gift before I went away (she left for a few weeks so I wanted to give it to her early) but I’m not happy with it.

The side of the gray clay cat shows a thin tail wrapping around the body and textred fur.  My friends’ cat is a stripped gray cat and I had planned to paint darker gray acrylic paint to make it more accurate.  I don’t like the body so I think I’ll keep this one unpainted and practice a few more times.  This one is made of FIMO clay but I have some other brands to test out and use up.  This next two weeks is going to be fun as I have fun with clay and experiment.  What is your favorite critter that you’ve made, of clay or any other media?

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