A blue clay dragon resting on its hind legs with thin wings but little detail

My second clay dragon

My second attempt at a clay dragon figure was made out of regular children’s clay.  I like working with the children’s clay as it is a soft clay, cheap, and comes in bold colors.  I can sit infront of my tv and not worry about getting clay everywhere or the clay drying out like may modeling clays start to do before the end of an episode.  I see it as a good time to relax and let my hands wander.  They can practice getting used to the feel of clay while my mind gets used to seeing how an image in my head gets put on clay.  I’m still working on the process but I got the basic design of the dragon body, head, and wings as well as the arms and legs.  I just need to figure out how to decorate and texturize my dragon and I may have a permanent dragon figure done by the new year.  That would be awesome…

If you want to see my first dragon, look a few posts back.  That’s all for tonight, happy crafting!

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