A necklace with large wire wings as the pendant decorated with crystals at the tips and a crystal drop below the body suspended on light blue ribbon.As much as I love doing various crafts and learning new techniques, my main passion is playing with wire and stone to create lovely pieces of jewelry.

A while ago my sister asked that I create a few necklaces for her.  She has been writing a teen fiction story about a group of high school students on a quest and was hoping I could create necklaces based on the character’s personalities to help her visualize them as she wrote the story.  Creating necklaces about fictional characters someone else created in an unfinished novel was more difficult that I’d thought and it took a long time to get them done.  However, I finally got the first necklaces done to depict Serianna, a strong yet child-like personality that identifies with the air element (of the four original “elements).

The necklace is a wire outline of fairy wings connected by thin wire.  Swarovksi clear crystals decorate the tips of the wings and a crystal raindrop dangles below the wings where the body would be.  The wings are suspended on light blue wire-ribbon connected by a magnetic clasp.  Although I’m not a big fan of wearing sparkly crystals, I am starting to see how they can be used to create stunning jewelry others would love to wear.  I think I’ll remember to include crystals more often in designs they suit such as the delicate wire of this design.  The crystals add sparkle to an otherwise plain wire pendant and I like that addition.  What do you think?A close up of the wire wing pendant with claer crystals on the tips and a raindow refelective raindrop pendant below where the body would be.

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